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Преносим куфар за Hubsan H501S X4

Цена: 119.00 лв.

Преносим куфар за Hubsan H501S X4

Item name:Backpack
Color: Black
Size: 34cm x 19cm x 51.5cm
Weight: About 2000g
Usage: for Hubsan X4 H501S RC Quadcopter
Durable wear resistant and strong enough.
Large capacity, very useful and convenient to use.
Unique adjustable shoulder strap design will give your shoulder comfortable touch.
This backpack is good for outdoor and travel use.
With strong high density foam to keep your quadcopter secure.
Will not crush Hubsan X4 H501S RC Quadcopter,protected your drone well.
Note: The quadcopters in the backpack is not included in the package.
Package included:
1 x  Backpack


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